Heart Bead Information, Classes and Events

**Hours for Winter 2022/2023

Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm    Saturday 10am-330pm

**Sometimes there is not enough coverage to keep the store open during lunchtime 2:30-4, please keep this in mind if you are planning a trip into Arcata just to see us!

Saturdays can be busy, so if you have a lot to accomplish, consider coming early at opening or make an appointment!

We also do appointments for repairs, private shopping, private classes, curbside pick up or even remote shopping by text/facetime/video chat!

830 G Street, Arcata CA 95521

(707) 826-9577

Reach us through Facebook (HeartBeadArcata), Instagram, (heartbead.arcata) or email us @  heartbead3@gmail.com (or use form below!)

So you may have recently noticed that we have small labor charges for our expertise and technical services. Heart Bead is evolving with this ever-changing work environment as our labor prices have risen, and the costs of all of our goods has climbed upwards too! We have posted a few reminders around the store that go something like this:

Our hourly rate is $36/hour. Some things need to be repaired outside of our store hours, which is usually a 2-week turnaround, if you need it sooner there is a 20% surcharge.

Our #1 goal is to make sure you get the same high level of service you come to expect here at Heart Bead! Our skilled, talented, responsible, and creative beadslingers await your creations!

<5 minutes = free! (and anytime you are building a piece of jewelry with <6 connections with our materials!)  5 minutes: $3……10 minutes…$6…..15 minutes…$9 20 minutes…$12….30 minutes…you get the idea up to pro-rated amounts of 1 hour = $36.

We will be offering classes soon!

***Our classes change seasonally so check back here to see what is being offered this month. Feel free to call and have us add your name and phone number to a class interest list as well.

Contact information: (707) 826-9577 to sign up/pay over the phone or by Venmo

Every Class Participant receives a 10% Discount Coupon. Payment is required in advance to register and hold your class space.


Heart Bead’s Basic Wirework Class  Last Offered: Saturday, January 18th, 2020 10am to Noon

This class teaches the basic wire looping & wrapping techniques needed to make everything from earrings to chain necklaces and beyond!  As time permits, we will cover earring and linked necklace design aspects, and any specific project questions you bring. Basic materials included in the $35 fee.

Hammered Wire Hoops and Shapes…Last Offered: Sat January 25th, 2020, 10 am- Noonish

In this project-based class, skills of bending, shaping, hammering and filing wire will be taught and result in a stylish and trendy pair of earrings!  All materials and tool use included for the $36 class tuition.  Please sign up in advance, this class fills up! Maximum  class size is 8 people.

Tree of Life Workshop    Last Offered: Saturday, September 7th, 2019  10am-12:30pm

A hammered wire ring encircles a tree of life created from wire and semi-precious stone chips. With your chosen stones and wire color, practice hammering, twisting and wire wrapping skills. Students will leave with a finished wire tree pendant. Materials and tool use included in the $40 class fee.

Heart Bead’s Woven Wire Ring Class            Last Offered: Sat, Feb 9th, 2019  10 am-noonish

This exciting Wire ring class introduces the techniques of weaving with wire. Learn how to weave a wire bezel around a center bead to embellish your ring in a unique way. This wire-weaving technique can also be adapted to other beading projects such as stone wrapping and pendant creation. This class includes a wooden ring clamp for you to take home. All materials and tool use included in the $45 class fee.

Heart Bead’s Pearl Knotting Class          Last Offered: Saturday May 11, 2019 10am-noonish

This class teaches the traditional method of stringing pearls with knots between each pearl. In this class, we will use silk beading cord and tweezers to precisely place knots between beads of any size. This class fee includes glass pearls, silk cord, knotting tweezers, and findings to clasp. All students have a finished bracelet and a 10% off coupon at the end of class to take home. Class fee $45

Heart Bead’s Fringed Beaded Earrings made with Brick/Comanche Stitch

last offered Saturday, March 23rd, 10am-12:30

In this class, we will use the Comanche/Brick stitch, beading needles, nymo and Czech seed beads to create beaded fringe earrings in your choice of colors! The class runs a little over 2 hours, all materials included to create personalized earrings.  $45 to sign up for the class and reserve your space.

Stone-Wrapping Workshop…

last offered Saturday, April 6th, 10am to 12:30

This class will introduce you to the basic Basket-Wrap and a more advanced Frame –Wrap technique for securely wrapping stones and found-objects. It’s perfect for wrapping stones and objects with no hole. As time permits we will cover more advanced wrapping options and decorative wire working styles. Basic Materials included in the $45 fee.

Heart Bead’s Herringbone Wirework class  Last Offered Sat Nov 10th, 10 am-noonish.

This class teaches how to create a herringbone wire wrap around a center bead or stone. This technique creates a twisted galaxy of wire which can be linked together to form a bracelet, necklace, or used singly to create earrings. Students will leave with a completed bracelet or enough materials to explore adding this wrap to work of their own. Materials and a 10% coupon included in this $40 class fee.

Give us a call to sign up; payment is required to register and hold your class space.

Heart Bead’s Ladder-Wrap Bracelet Class  Last Offered: Sun, Sept 9th, 11am-1pm

This project-based class teaches how to make the trendy multi-wrap bracelets you see in so many stores! Create a double-wrapped version of this popular style bracelet with a button closure in your chosen color palette. Techniques can be adapted for any length bracelet or type of bead you wish to use. All materials and tool use are included in the $40 class fee.

Give us a call to sign up; payment is required to register and hold your class space.

Heart Bead’s Advanced Wirework Class  Last offered:  Sat, Aug 25th, 2018 10 am – 12:30ish

In this class, custom handmade wire shapes and jewelry enhancement will be explored. Unique earwires, headpins, and other findings can be created and will be formed in this class using pliers, hammer, anvil and other tools to stabilize the wire forms. Basic materials, tool usage, and a 10% discount coupon included in the $40 fee.

Give us a call to sign up; payment is required to register and hold your class space.

Recommended minimum age for classes is 12. Special considerations can be made in special circumstances.

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